25 percent of the total amount will be charged on the day of booking and is refundable if you cancelled or  modified up to 30 days before date of arrival.

25 percent not will be refundable if cancelled or modified later. In case of no-show, the total price of reservation will be charged.

A fixed amount of EUR 150 per apartment are required to pay as a refundable damage deposit.

Please note that the guests under 25 years old are required to pay a refundable damage deposit of EUR 100 per person.


NOTICE: The reception is centralized in Voralmar Mas d'en Gran Apartments, 170 Avenue Diputación Esc D 1st-3rd



Tax on stays in tourist establishments (Law 5/2012 Generalitat Catalunya)

Aproved by law 5/2012, of 20 March 2012, on fiscal, financial and administrative measures and on the tax on stays in tourist stablishments (DOGC núm, 6094 de 23.03.2012) rev. DOGC nro. 7340 date 30.03.2017


Rate per person and day (maximum of 7 days) for houses tourist use is: 0,99€+VAT