The sea is just as important as the beach for this Costa Daurada resort town, as it is the basis of its gastronomy.

In Cambrils you can find a huge range of restaurants in which fish, seafood rice dishes and the famous "arrossejats" are the highlights of the menu.

The quality of the ingredients and the exquisite way in which the dishes are prepared are the reasons the cuisine of Cambrils has become internationally famous. The town’s restaurants also use other excellent local products in their cuisine, including different kinds of nuts and Siurana designation of origin olive oil.


FEBRUARY: Days of Galera
MARCH: Encarxofa't Cambrils
APRIL: Days Romesco
MAY: Blue Fish Days
JUNE: Tapas Trail
AUGUST: Sample of agricultural products Cambrils
OCTOBER: Wine Fair
NOVEMBER: Oil Fair new crop and days of "Fideus Rossos"